The Shadowing

It’s been a while since I posted. I had a busy summer beginning a new book and I’ve also just started a new role as Royal Literary Fund fellow at Sheffield University. What I have neglected to do though is write a post to say that I have a new Rhiannon Ward book out.

The Shadowing is set between Bristol and Southwell workhouse in Nottinghamshire. My protagonist Hester, a Quaker, sets out on a journey to discover what happened to her sister who eloped a few years earlier. In Southwell, she discovers a plot of missing children and terrified mothers. I loved writing the book during lockdown and even managed to sneak a visit into the workhouse when restrictions were lifted.

Tracy Fenton at Compulsive Readers organised a brilliant blog tour for the book and many thanks to all the bloggers who took part. I know from my own experience how time consuming writing reviews are. The Shadowing has also had some lovely reviews elsewhere including from Maxim Jakubowski in Crime Time who called the book, ‘strongly atmospheric and gripping from beginning to end’, in the Belfast Telegraph which said the conclusion ‘will have you racing to the end’, and in Heat magazine where it was read of the week, calling it a ‘beautifully rendered mystery’. My Weekly magazine also said of the book, ‘fans of gothic thrillers will enjoy the suspense and atmospheric setting.’

I’ll be appearing at a number events over the autumn to promote The Shadowing and full details can be found here. I begin this Friday with an event at Big BIF Weekend. Tickets are still available here and it would be lovely to see you. It’s wonderful to finally do in-person events again.

Thanks to everyone who has already bought a copy of the book.

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