Latest Crime Reads

Hello everyone. Apologies for the lack of reviews over the last two months. I’ve been incredibly busy, both editing my new book The Quickening and working on another project which I hope to tell you about soon. I have been doing lots of reading – some of it crime – and I’m finally getting around to writing my reviews. I’ve also been reading lots of ghost stories which I’ll be reviewing on separate posts but, first up, here are my recent crime reads.

Ann Cleeves has a new book out, The Long Call, the beginning of a new series set in north Devon. Her protagonist, detective Matthew Venn, is a native of the county who, as the book opens, attends the funeral of his father. He comes from a Brethren family, a closed religious society, who disapprove of his homosexuality. When a man’s body is washed up on a beach, Venn has to investigate the community he tried to escape from. I loved the moving plot and, as ever, Cleeves excels in her descriptions of the landscape. A wonderful start to what promises to be an excellent series.

Camilla Bruce’s debut novel, You Let Me In, is a strange and magical thriller set in Norway. Locals think that bestselling novelist, Cassandra Tripp, has murdered members of her family but, as her tale unfolds, we discover the influence of the Pepper-Man, either Cassanda’s imaginary friend or something much more dark. A mix of thriller and folk horror, it was great to read a narrative which kept me enthralled throughout.


Finally C M Ewan’s new book, A Window Breaks, is a fast-paced page-turning thriller which I couldn’t put down. A family recovering from the death of their teenage son take a holiday in a remote Scottish lodge when they hear a window break in the middle of the night. The book examines how far you’d go to defend your family and the secrets people keep in order to protect others. I loved it!

13 thoughts on “Latest Crime Reads

  1. Margot Kinberg

    I can only imagine how busy you’ve been, Sarah! But it does sound as though you’ve had some great reads, too, which just makes things better. *Makes note of the Cleeves* I look forward to hearing about your new project when you’re ready to share.


  2. Kathy P.

    Afternoon Sarah. I’ve always been a big fan of Ann Cleeves’, Vera and Jimmy Perez etc, and now another new detective has joined the ranks. Luvly jubbly! Really looking forward to reading this, in fact it may even jump the queue over others I’ve got lined up. The other two sound interesting as well.
    Hope you’ve managed to steer clear of the flooding up your way😕.


    1. Hi Kathy – yes we’ve managed to avoid the flooding although our village road now floods regularly (it never used to). Glad to find another Ann Cleeves fan.


  3. luckygibbo

    Always a delight when a fine author like Ann a peeves releasing a new book. A breath of fresh air to see new storylines. Looking forward to this one. Thank you, as always Look forward to your new venture as well Cheers from Down Under


    1. Dave Gibson

      You’re forgiven, Sarah, Crazy times all round. A new Ann Cleeves is cause for celebration any day. it’s great to be able to sit back and let you treat us to new works by authors I wouldn’t otherwise hear of. I’m of an age now that some of my favourites have passed: Dexter, Hill, Dibdin, Mankell …. oh the pain. So I need replacements Thanks again nad all the best wishes from Down Under. Dave


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