Latest Reads: Shari Lapena, Mary Torjussen and Cass Green

Are you enjoying the blazing heat? I have to confess that it has slightly impacted on my reading. It is hard to hold a book (especially a hardback) and fan yourself at the same time so I’ve been watching a lot of films and crime dramas. However, I have immersed myself in a historical series (the subject of my next post) and three great crime novels.

Shari Lapena’s Agatha Christie style thriller, An Unwanted Guest, was published this week. A group of travellers are trapped inside a luxury lodge in the Catskills by a snow storm. When a woman is murdered, the remaining residents begin to inspect their fellow guests’ histories, looking to identify the killer, and decades old secrets begin to emerge. As more murders take place, alliances begin to fracture, until a spectacular denouement brings the killer to justice. Lapena, always a great storyteller, has written a compelling narrative. I loved the fact that we’re presented with a discrete group of suspects and there’s  a Golden Age feel the unmasking of the culprit. A perfect read to cool you off this summer.

Estate agents traditionally get a bad press but Mary Torjussen does an excellent job in The Girl I Used To Be of showing the pressures of a professional woman juggling her own business and family life. When Gemma wakes up in a hotel room after having dinner with a client, she discovers that she has no memory of how the evening ended. This is another page turner and Torjussen provides a satisfying portrait of a woman who doubts her own suspicions and is determined to protect her family.

Don’t You Cry by Cass Green opens with recently separated Nina who nearly chokes at a restaurant during a blind date. She is helped by a waitress, Angel, who then turns up at Nina’s house in the middle of the night, closely followed by a relative carrying a baby. A dark night of terror and violence follows as Nina begins to doubt those close to her. Cass Green excels at characterisation and delivers a satisfying antagonist and a cast of engaging characters. Don’t You Cry is out on the 6th September.






3 thoughts on “Latest Reads: Shari Lapena, Mary Torjussen and Cass Green

  1. Kathy D.

    The Girl I Used to Be sounds good. Not the one about a night of terror.

    I can’t read about horrors to children either.

    Am in the mood for thrillers. It’s August, perfect for iced tea, frozen yogurt and
    thrillers with no redeeming social purpose, just page turners. But they have to
    be good, and the twists have to make sense, not just be outrageous with no
    clues earlier or possibility of truth.


  2. Kathy D.

    I only survive with air conditioning and staying home and drinking a lot of iced tea and decaf iced coffee and eating a lot of frozen yogurt. And reading, of course.
    Am reading the Torjussen and would like to read the locked-lodge mystery. I like those plot devices.
    Hope you are enjoying your books.


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