Vintage Crime Box

Kate from the classic crime fiction site, Cross Examining Crime, sent me one of her vintage boxes in the post a week or so ago. She sells them on her Etsy site either as a one off gift or as part of a subscription.

It was very exciting book post filled with crime fiction goodies and gorgeous coffee. The picture to the left is the box as it arrived. On the right is a shot of the box after I opened the packaging to see what mystery books I’d been sent which I couldn’t wait to read.

Skeleton in the Closet by A B Cunningham is set in a Kentucky valley where a skeleton is unearthed by two young boys. Sheriff Jess Roden investigates the killing, using his knowledge of the land and its flood patterns to calculate that the woman had been in the ground for five years. He quickly establishes the identity of the victim, who wrote a note to her mother to say she was going leaving and wouldn’t be in touch for a long time. The book was published later in Cunningham’s career and is adeptly written. By far its greatest asset is the character of the sheriff whose humanity and tenacity ensure that the killer, who comes as no surprise to the reader, is brought to account.

A more substantial read was the unfortunately titled Slay the Loose Ladies. I can see that the title was changed from Puzzle for Wantons which is no better, which is a shame as it’s a very good read. Admittedly the premise  is grim, women who are intending to divorce their husbands gather at the house of rich Lorraine Playgel who invites along their errant husbands and the women begin to die. The book is humorous and dark, and the wealthy Nevada setting works perfectly.

Patrick Quentin was the pen name under which four authors wrote books featuring detective Peter Duluth. Duluth and his wife are wonderful creations and in the best tradition of husband and wife detective teams. Duluth gets more jaded in later books but here, on leave from his navy posting at the end of the Second World War, he’s a delight.

I’d never have picked up a book from either of these authors unprompted which goes to show the benefits of Kate’s excellent gift box. Do check out her Etsy site!




22 thoughts on “Vintage Crime Box

  1. Dave Gibson

    I’m green with envy. There’s nothing beats the smell of a new book freshly opened in the morning!!! I’ll be checking the site out. Just about to re-read Indidtason’s “Jar City”- after I’ve finished McDermid’s “Out Of Bounds.”. Life can be hard sometimes.


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  3. Love your treat box! Wish they could be delivered overseas. And i had a good laugh at the politically incorrect title(s) – loose & wanton ladies indeed.
    I must add Patrick Quentin to my hunting list 😊


    1. Hi, I do deliver overseas. If you are from America the various prices are already listed on my Etsy page. If you are from elsewhere I am happy to look into postage prices for your country and get back to you.


  4. Joan

    My daughter gave me a subscription for my birthday in January and I have received two packages already. Both have contained books by authors I had never read before and I have very much enjoyed them. I live in Mesa, Arizona and have had no trouble receiving my boxes.


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