Giveaway week – A Patient Fury Day #4

Today is hardback publication day of A Patient Fury. There’s nothing like having a physical book in your hands and it was very exciting to open the box sent to me by my publishers, Faber and Faber. A Patient Fury is  the story of a deadly house fire in Derbyshire and a mother believed responsible for  killing her entire family. However, there appears to be fourth figure in the shadows. Could the disappearance of Elizabeth Winson in 1980 have anything to do the murder of her husband’s new family?

To celebrate, I’m giving away two hardback sets of my books: one for a UK reader and the other for a reader outside the UK.

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That’s it! If you’ve already signed up to receive my newsletter, then simply leave a comment below telling me who your favourite British crime author is.

The competition will be open until Friday evening (the 8th) at 6pm BST when I’ll be drawing ALL the winners for the week and I’ll announce them here. The competition is open to entries worldwide.  Good luck and don’t forget to check out the previous competitions this week. Here’s a glimpse of what’s coming tomorrow.





*** The competition is now closed. Congratulations to winners Peggy in the US and Sheila Howes. Thanks to all who entered and for all the best wishes on publication day.***

16 thoughts on “Giveaway week – A Patient Fury Day #4

  1. thequietgeordie

    Agatha Christie will always have a special place in my heart, but I also love Ann Cleeves – especially her Vera series


  2. The obvious answer should be you, but I do love PD James ( who doesn’t?) and Peter Robinson. Though I know he lives here in Canada now, I think of him as British because of his roots and his books’ settings.


  3. Hi Sarah, thanks for the giveaway…my favourite would be Agatha Christie. I recall coming to the UK, 10 years ago, as a young bride on a cold winter evening, settling into an unknown life. Christie’s Poirot kept me company on many a winter evening….and instilled a love for British crime writing! 🙂


  4. Agatha Christie – vintage and James Oswald-modern. Haven’t had a chance to read any of your books yet Sarah, maybe you’ll be my new favorite😉


  5. Shauna Whall

    I think might have to be Reginald Hill. I love his Dalziel and Pascoe books and his standalones. I think(!) I’ve managed to track down copies of everything he wrote, including all the ones under pseudonyms. Long live Captain Fantom!


  6. Julie Curtis

    Difficult one as there are so many but I would have to say the Queen of Crime Agatha Christie who opened the door for me to a whole world of crime fiction.


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