Giveaway: Five Maigret Novels

I’m doing a giveaway today because it’s Easter Monday, my birthday (although I’m trying to forget my age), and last night I enjoyed watching Rowan Atkinson in Maigret’s Night at the Crossroads.

I’m a huge Maigret fan and I have a lot of the green Penguin editions that I loved reading as a teenager. Although my favourite TV adaptations are the French ones featuring Bruno Cremer, I thought Atkinson did a decent job.

I have five books from the new Penguin translations to give away. They are:

Cecile is Dead 
The Shadow Puppet
The Saint-Fiacre Affair
The Hanged Man  of Saint-Pholien
The Dancer at Gai Moulin

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You get four newsletters a year so you won’t be inundated with e-mails. The competition is open to everyone. If you’re already signed up to my newsletter, just let me know the title of your favourite Maigret book in the comments below.

The winner will be chosen, as usual, by a random number generator. The competition closes at 6pm on Thursday 20th April. I’ll announce the winner here and on my Facebook page.

Good luck!

*Congratulations to Margaret from Books Please who won the competition*

42 thoughts on “Giveaway: Five Maigret Novels

  1. Justine Jones

    Happy birthday! I have enjoyed your books.
    So excited to possibly get to read some Maigret! All I know are the two tv episodes with zrowan Atkinson,both of which I’ve enjoyed. I never would have believed that Atkinson could shape himself into a patient,thoughtful and compassionate French cop,but he did. Kudos! Waiting yo read the books!


    1. Thanks, Justi
      ne. Have you seen any other TV adaptations? They adapt very well. The books are a joy to read – they’re very short but there’s a lot in them.


      1. Justine Jones

        I have only seen the two Rowan Atkinson. I confess to not knowing about any others. I think I have seen some old films. Where can I view them? Netflix?


  2. Among the last ones I’ve read probably Maigret at Picratt’s is among my favourites and Maigret in Court is also one of my favourites, but all Maigret books are really worthwhile. Hope you had a great birthday!


  3. Kathy P.

    A very happy (if slightly late in the day) birthday Sarah. I hope you had a lovely day.
    I remember the series before Rowan Atkinson’s that starred Michael Gambon in the early 90’s, and also vaguely remember an early 1960’s series as well 😐.
    My favourite Maigret book is The Montmartre Murderer.


  4. Patricia Snow

    I confess to not having a favorite Maigret. I recall reading somewhere that Simenon would lock himself in a room for the required time and emerge with a complete manuscript–in order to pay the bills. Apocryphal? In any case, I love his taut, sparse style. Each book is a gem.


  5. Avril

    Hi Sarah,
    😐 sorry, I haven’t read any Maigret books yet.
    Happy Birthday! 🎉 🍷🎂 Hope you’ve had a lovely day 😊


  6. Simona Tobin

    Happy belated birthday!!!! I haven’t read any of these & would like to & still watch the tv adaptions! I’m always interested in how crime solving has evolved!


  7. Belated Happy Birthday wishes, Sarah. I love Maigret and thought nobody could be better than Rupert Davies in the role – but I was so pleased (and surprised) to see that Rowan Atkinson makes an excellent Maigret! I’ve read a few of Simenon’s books, but none of your giveaway books.


  8. Michelle

    A belated Happy Birthday to you, Sarah. I’ve only read a couple of Maigret books so far – The Friend of Madame Maigret and The Blue Room. I thought they were great and am planning to work my way through the others, so have to say I got a little excited when I saw your post. I enjoyed Rowan Atkinson’s performance too.


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