Nordic Noir Giveaway

I’m travelling down to meet my fellow judges today to select the shortlist for the 2017 Petrona Award for Scandinavian Crime Fiction. To celebrate this exciting event, I’m giving away some Nordic Noir titles. To enter all you need to do is subscribe to my newsletter by clicking on the image below.

The newsletter is sent out quarterly and contains book news and giveaways. My spring newsletter will be coming at the end of the month and there will be more Scandi titles to be won. If you’ve already subscribed to the newsletter, it’s not a problem. Just leave a comment below telling me who your favourite Nordic writer is and I’ll enter you into the competition.

I’ll select the winner at 6pm on Sunday. The competition is open to Scandi fans worldwide. Good luck!

 ***This competition is now closed. Congratulations to the winner, Sian Dennis***

36 thoughts on “Nordic Noir Giveaway

  1. Claire K

    Hi Sarah, have to say I haven’t read much Nordic noir but I did read Gunnar Staalesen’s Where Roses Never Die which I really enjoyed so I’ll go for Gunnar!


  2. Sebastian Raggio

    I have not read too many Nordic authors because the translation into Spanish of their works are really atrocious. Translators in Spain tend to forget that Spanish is not only spoken in their country, but especially throughout Latinamerica, where Spanish is sometimes quite different in terms of expressions and meaning of words. But they insist on forgetting this reality and refuse using a more “neutral” Spanish,
    Translations into English are better (or at least “sound” more real to Latin ears). But after having read Mankell, Larsson, Nesbo and some others in English translations, I asked myself whether studying Swedish (which also lets you read reasonably well in Norwegian and Danish) did not make a lot of sense in order to read the books in their original languages…And so, I have been studying Swedish for the last couple of years. I cannot yet read a whole book in Swedish, but with some practice and effort, this will come in time,
    Anyway, among the few Nordic authors I have read so far, I rather think my favourite is Jo Nesbo.
    Sebastian (from Argentina)


  3. Amanda Selway

    Hi Sarah
    Hope the judging goes well…
    Yrsa Sigurdadottir is my favourite Scandi author – her plots are so intricate and exciting!


  4. Ed Hardy

    So many to choose just one! After Henning Mankell, I’d have to include Hakan Nesser, Kjell Erickson, Arnauldur Indridason, Karin Fossum and Gunnar Staalesen


  5. Sabrina

    Currently reading The Bat by Jo Nesbo which I’m really enjoying. Also recently read Frozen Out by Quentin Bates which was a brilliant book with a strong female character whom I loved. Will definitely read more from both authors.


  6. Jacquie Olpin

    Does Liza Marklund count as Nordic Noir? I love her Annika Bengtzon books. I read a lot of Jo Nesbo and Henning Manuel too.


  7. Margaret GALLAGHER

    Camilla Lackberg is a fabulous author
    She has inspired me to start reading more Nordic Crime
    I’d be delighted to read these great novels


  8. Dion Simons

    Jo Nesbo slightly ahead of Henning Mankell. I found Jussi’s Department Q #1 as gripping as Mankell so becoming a favourite. Audio book of Lackberg’s Lost Boy very disappointing! Tedious accounts of domestic activities detracting from the main story – whatever that was.


  9. Amanda Crozier

    Hi Sarah
    At the moment its Yrsa Sigurdadottir. I have to read the books carefully as I don’t want to miss the detail which is a sign that its a good author in my view.


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