Review: Tana Collins – Robbing The Dead

tana-flyerI’ve been looking forward to the publication of this book as I first read the manuscript in its early stages after meeting the author on an Arvon course. It’s always interested to see what a writer has done in the revision process and Robbing The Dead, which was published last week, is a gritty addition to Tartan noir.

An RAF squaddie is killed and his girlfriend is convinced he has been caught up in a feud between locals and military stationed at the base. DI Jim Carruthers is trying to unpick the case but when a lecturer’s car is bombed and the academic can’t be found, events take a darker turn.

Robbing The Dead is a tense,  well-written police procedural which adroitly uses the Fife setting to show how tensions can fester for years. The book is a start of a new series and there’s plenty of mileage left in Caruthers and I can’t wait to read the next offering from Collins.

6 thoughts on “Review: Tana Collins – Robbing The Dead

  1. Tana Collins

    Thank you so much for the lovely review, Sarah! It was great having you as part of my first ever Blog Tour. You’ve been so supportive of everything I’ve done and I really appreciate it! The tour has gone brilliantly and I’ve had some wonderful reviews!! Can’t wait for Care to Die to be released later on this year!


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