Competition: Win Four Nordic Noir Books

Slide1On Saturday, we’re awarding the 2016 Petrona Award for the best Scandinavian crime novel in translation. This is the award’s fourth year and it’s going from strength to strength. Details, for example, of the Petrona accolade has appeared on the UK and US covers of last year’s winner, Yrsa Sigurdardottir.

If you’re going to CrimeFest in Bristol, as well as appearing on a panel, I’ll also be doing a twenty-minute ‘In the Spotlight’ slot on the Petrona on Friday at 4.30pm. For those of you who can’t make it to Bristol, to celebrate four years of the Petrona Award I’m doing a giveaway of four great Nordic Noir books.

To enter, simply fill in your name and details in the contact form below.  Your e-mail address will only be used for this competition and to receive my quarterly newsletter. The winner will be chosen at **12 midday (UK) time on Saturday 21st May** [Amended see below]. The giveaway is open to everyone regardless of geographic location.

Good luck and look out for me on Twitter (@sarahrward1) where I’ll be Tweeting live the winner announcement on Saturday evening.

**Due to overnight spam which saw people entering this competition using computer software without coming via my blog, I’ve closed this competition early. The giveaway was open to everyone to promote the Petrona Award which, in turn, supports reading and Scandinavian crime  fiction. It’s not to promote spamming software. I’ll be drawing the winner this morning from all entries who came through my website to enter. I can tell! The winner will be notified this morning (18th May).**


7 thoughts on “Competition: Win Four Nordic Noir Books

  1. Kathy. P

    I’ve entered my details for the giveaway, so will keep my fingers x’d 😀. Have a enjoyable evening at the Petrona awards on Saturday, and good luck with the ‘In the Spotlight’ slot. Thanks to last years winner, and BBC4 showing ‘Trapped’ earlier in the year which was totally brilliant, I’ve become hooked on Icelandic crime. Quentin Bates Gunna Gissladottir, is at present my favourite, but there must be 100’s more out there for me to get stuck into. My TBR 👓 pile is increasing everyday😮!


  2. Those four I don’t have, so I’m crossing everything! Haven’t won a book competition for blooming ages! I know what I want to win the Petrona Award (The Caveman – but that doesn’t imply I’ve read the entire long list!) I just loved it; I don’t even know if it’s on the shortlist. I’m getting more and more into ScandiNoir – I’m blaming you, Kate, as whenever you say a book’s good I tend to buy it. There was a pile going cheap on Amazon the other day, and I indulged. But you know it’s bad when they say, “You purchased this item on 26 January 2014” – and you still haven’t read it! I’m such a sucker for a 99p bargain – Takk!


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