Crime fiction news: Two Deals and book covers

It’s been a while since I caught up with some of my own book news on Crimepieces and, as I’ve just come back from an inspiring crime fiction week-end, I thought I’d do a catch-up post.

12592625_10153481054746272_6124983143165198684_nDeal Noir was launched last year and I was a member of the audience listing to the fascinating discussions. This year I was on the debut authors panel talking about In Bitter Chill along with Simon Booker, SJI Holliday and Alison Baillie. Moderated by Andy Lawrence it was fascinating to hear about the other authors’ routes to publication. I’ve reviewed on this blog Holliday’s Black Wood and Baillie’s Sewing The Shadows Together and am looking forward to reading Simon Booker’s debut, Without Trace. Thanks to the organisers, Susan Moody and Mike Linane, for what was a great event.

A comment by a reader of Crimepieces reminded me that I hadn’t shared the cover of my second book, A Deadly Thaw, in any posts. I now have lovely covers for both the UK and US editions which are out in September. It’s interesting how the designers have interpreted the story for differing markets and I think they both look great. The UK cover is on the left. Both are available to pre-order in bookshops and on Amazon.

HB cover

A Deadly Thaw US







On Friday, as I was travelling down to Deal, my publishers Faber and Faber announced that they’ve bought by third and fourth books in my Bampton series. Book three, which I’m currently writing, is provisionally titled A Patient Fury and is set in the summer in the Peak District.  I love being at the stage where the story is being put down on the page. Here’s the announcement in the Bookseller.

Thanks to everyone for their support of my writing. I love both writing and reading crime novels and it’s great to have the opportunity to do both. On Wednesday the Petrona judges will be getting together to choose the shortlist for the 2016 Award. It’s interesting how many good books are out there so it will be a tough choice. I’m looking forward to talking crime fiction once more.

18 thoughts on “Crime fiction news: Two Deals and book covers

  1. kathy d.

    Congratulations on the British and U.S. publications and deals. Can’t wait to read the final version of “A Deadly Thaw,” and I like the covers.
    And how exciting that you have deals for books three and four.
    I like the detectives and the region.
    What amazing progress on your writing and publishing crime


  2. I’ve just seen this – huge congratulations, it couldn’t happen to anyone nicer! We’ll all be in patient duties waiting for each book to come out! It’s good for you to have a bit of stability beyond book 2 as well – love both covers btw, hadn’t seen the US one before. It seems you have a penchant for family secrets – excellent crime fiction territory! Argh September seems ages away too! Same month as Bloody Scotland…?!


  3. Kathy. P

    Mrs Peabody gave me the link to your blog, and I want to say congratulations to you and the publishers for picking up more of your books. They’ve made a wise choice 😉. I love both covers for A Deadly Thaw, and will be pre-ordering poste haste. Will be champing at the bit til September!


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