Review: Tim Baker – Fever City

FEVER CITY _ BLOG TOUR GRAPHICIt’s my turn today on the blog tour for Tim Baker’s excellent debut novel, Fever City. Conspiracy theories surrounding the shooting of JFK is an area that continues to fascinate and it has been mined with considerable skill by this author.  Fever City, opens with the kidnapping of the son of one of America’s richest men. Nick Alston, an LA private detective is hired to find the boy but finds competition in Hastings, a mob hitman who is also hunting the child. Decades later, a journalist is looking at the conspiracy theories of the fifties and sixties in relation to JFK’s shooting. He soon discovers that there are links with his own family and that secrets still extend into the highest echelons of US society.

Split timelines can sometimes be problematic for a reader but not when they’re as skilfully handled as in Fever City. All three narratives are clearly defined, partly due to the different writing styles changing from first to third person and past to present tense. It works very well. The writing is excellent which, along with the pull of the plot, meant that I read the book very quickly.

Although in part a political thriller, there is also a song focus on family ties and the legacy they leave behind. Fever City is a strong debut by a writer with a confident voice.  I’m sure we’ll be hearing plenty more from Tim Baker.

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4 thoughts on “Review: Tim Baker – Fever City

  1. Margot Kinberg

    This sounds interesting, Sarah. You don’t often see an effective mix of ‘family’ in with conspiracy and other thriller elements. I’m very glad it all worked well for you.


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