Classic Crime: Pamela Branch – Murder Every Monday

4686175568_19876f4c70_bIt’s been a while since I reviewed a classic crime novel. It’s not that I haven’t been reading them. They’re a very enjoyable distraction especially when I want to read a book over an afternoon. However, I often neglect to review them which is a shame as there are some very good books by authors who are now sadly neglected. One such writer is Pamela Branch whose Murder Every Monday I read recently.

Clifford Flush hasn’t murdered anyone for a long time until one day he pushes a friend into the path of an oncoming bus. The man survives but insists Clifford leaves town. He takes an entourage, all of whom have been acquitted of at least one murder, into the countryside to become homicide consultants, helping people who want to commit murder. All goes well until one of the students is killed in the middle of the course. And there are plenty of suspects to choose from.

The edition that I read was a vintage penguin. The biography of Pamela Branch on the back cover reveals a fascinating life although I can see that she later died in her forties. It’s a shame she isn’t more well-known. Murder Every Monday falls into the humorous crime category but it’s so much more than that. Clifford Flush is a Ripley style figure who is part cold calculated murderer but also keeps a reign on the more extreme members of his team. The victim isn’t given much character development until his death. The focus is on first the motley bunch that constitute the criminals and then on the guests who come to learn how to kill people. Both groups are subtly portrayed. There are degrees of ‘badness’ although no-one is completely without stain.

The humour comes from the watching the characters interact with each other. There are romances, fallings out and murders committed in others’ names. It adds up to a rich melee of murderous fun and I’m definitely going to be reading more of Branch.

39 thoughts on “Classic Crime: Pamela Branch – Murder Every Monday

  1. Margot Kinberg

    Oh, this does sound like a fun read, Sarah! And I’m glad you took the time to post this review. I think there are indeed a lot of great classic crime novels that don’t get the attention they deserve.


  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you for reminding me of the existence of Pamela Branch. I read a couple of her novels back in the day (although not I think this one) and loved them to pieces. I must see if I can find some of her books. They’re tremendous fun.


                  1. Strictly a fansite but I;m not judging here (though I do prefer Matt Smith) But hey, not wishing to piddle on anybody’s parade – but I’m a lawyer so I HAVE to pay attention to this stuff.


                    1. I rediscovered ODCTOR WHO with my nieces and it was just when Smith took over – he is definitely MY doctor (used to be Sylvester McCoy but nieces rule in my house) and I love what he did in the role.


                    2. Ah! Haven’t seen Doctor Who in years. I’m more of a William Hartnell/Patrick Troughton/Jon Pertwee man myself. I lost a bit of interest when they started trying to make the doctor cool/geeky.


                    3. My nephews introduced me to Doctor Who this time around. I was the Tom Baker generation. But now Peter Capaldi is my favourite 🙂


  3. tracybham

    I have not read anything by Pamela Branch but I have The Wooden Overcoat that Moira mentioned. Good to know that this one has some good qualities if don’t like the first one.


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