The Best of February’s Reading

Only four books reviewed in February but I do have a backlog of reviews to write, including one of an outstanding book that’s shaping up to be my read of the year.

1962665_10151925829526625_408074059_nMy highlight of February was the meeting of the judging panel for the Petrona Award for translated Scandinavian Crime Fiction. The shortlist will be announced this week on the 6th March. There was a lively discussion and some interesting themes emerging from the books we read. More of this on the 6th but, in the meantime, the picture on the right shows the judges as we concluded our long judging session. From left: Karen Meek, Kat Hall, Barry Forshaw and me.

My book of the month was easy to choose: David Mark’s third novel in his Hull based series, Sorrow Bound. It’s getting lots of rave reviews already and rightly so.

The four books I reviewed for Crimepieces were:

1. The Girl with a Clock for a Heart by Peter Swanson

2. The Front Seat Passenger by Pascal Garnier

3. Cairo by Chris Womersley

4. Sorrow Bound by David Mark

16 thoughts on “The Best of February’s Reading

  1. Margot Kinberg

    Sarah – That’s a lovely ‘photo – thanks for sharing. I”m very much looking forward to the shortlist. And you’ve a fine list of books, too. I’ll be looking forward to your other reviews as you get them posted.


  2. Love that picture. Looking forward to reading Sorrow Bound. Between your review and the one at The Game’s Afoot, I am convinced to try Pascal Garnier, although he may be too unsettling for me.


  3. Garnier has gone on my list after reading one of Jose’s posts. Glad to find a supporting view, but I’ll probably try one of the already out there titles. Mark – I need to read Original Skin yet, so I’ll hold off also. Womersley – sounds good and as I have never heard of him I’m off to look him up. Good reading for March! Cheers,


  4. I’m with you in the land of review backlogs, and I’m not sure I’ll actually catch up! Hope you had a good judging panel meeting, and I look forward to the shortlist. (And I’ll be starting the David Mark series from the beginning).


  5. Can’t wait to hear about this outstanding book-of-the-year contender! Hope you had a good time at your Petrona Award meeting – it sounds like the kind of venture that must be really hard work but lots of fun at the same time. I look forward to seeing what makes the list.


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