The Best of October’s Reading

I finally managed to get my reading mojo back in October, helped in part by a five day trip to Finland which gave me plenty of IMG_0813opportunity to catch up on all those books I’d been meaning to try. This, and my forthcoming trip to Iceland Noir, accounts for the overwhelming Scandinavian bias of my reading. My book of the month is in fact by an American author, Elizabeth Hand. Available Dark, however, is set in Finland and Iceland and provides a creepy and disturbing tale which, if you read the comments on the review, has split opinion amongst readers.

I already have a few books under my belt to review in November and I promise a wider geographical spread this month.

The six books I read for crimepieces were:

Available Dark by Elizabeth Hand

Closed for Winter by Jorn Lier Horst

Blue Blood by Sara Blaedel

The Long Shadow by Liza Marklund

Death of the Demon by Anne Holt

Police by Jo Nesbo

As usual, the pick of the month for crime fiction reading is being collated by Kerrie over at Mysteries in Paradise. The photo above was taken at the launch of Iceland Noir at the Icelandic Embassy in London. Also present were wonderful bloggers Ayo Onatade from Shots and Steph from Crime Thriller Girl. Do check out their blogs if you get a chance.

26 thoughts on “The Best of October’s Reading

  1. Kathy D.

    Since Crime Pieces already knows my opinion on Available Dark, I’ll mention that I haven’t read any other books on the October list, however, sitting on my TBR piles as I write are Death of the Demon and Lifetime, the Annika Bengtzon book just before The Long Shadow. Police is on my TBR mountaineous list, and I’m reminded to read Dregs. Where is the time for this reading? We need another summer off to do this reading along with iced tea and biscuits.


  2. Margot Kinberg

    Sarah – You’ve got a solid list here. And you’ve reminded me that I do want to read the Elizabeth Hand very much. And Closed For Winter is coming up soon on my TBR list. As for geographical variety, I wonder if we read in patterns, so that sometimes it’s more Scandi crime fiction and sometimes, say, UK or French or something else. Hmm….


  3. I have read none of these books, but plan to read all of them eventually. Regarding Moira’s comment on women authors, I had worked towards reading all female authors in October, but did get sidetracked. A majority of my books in October were by female authors. And then I forgot to mention that on my post.

    Great picture, and I will check out those blogs.


  4. Nice month’s reading, but no commonality, though I will get to Nesbo I’m fairly sure at some point.
    Hand – I will read the first and see if this goes onto an imaginary wish-list, as I’m trying to stop buying books on the basis of too many already!


  5. Kathy D.

    All right. I’ve decided. Now matter what, I’m reading books on the TBR pile and trying to whittle it down. Anne Holt;s and Liza Marklund’s books as well as Mari Strachan’s second book are on the top of those piles
    and I must tackle them before Jo Nesbo or anyone else pulls me away.


  6. Sarah,
    I’ve placed at least four of these titles into my “WannaRead” computer file. I’ve read Blaedel, well–not this year, but a title last year and liked it, so I’ll try Blue Blood plus the Elizabeth Hand, no doubt about it, and the Liza Marklund. My husband enjoys her novels as well.

    Thank you for supplying us with so many interesting book recommendations!



    1. Thanks for your lovely comments, Judith. I’m a bit behind catching up on people’s blogs but I intend to devote some time this evening for a visit, including yours.


  7. Sarah, I hope you have a fruitful trip to Iceland—there’s nothing more rejuvenating than reading on one’s travels. The best of reading lists is a source of concern for I discover new authors and books every time I see them and wonder when I’m going to read some of those books.


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