The Best of September’s Reading

September was another busy month with a raft of crime fiction events to attend, most with a strong Scandinavian theme. I’m now concentrating on Crimefestreading for the Petrona Award for Scandinavian Crime Fiction as submissions are coming in thick and fast. My highlights to date will be subject of a post soon as there have been some excellent books. I’m slightly behind on my posts as I read more books than I managed to review in September. For consistency’s sake I’m only considering the four books I reviewed for my ‘best of’ title. That goes to Hakan Nesser’s The Weeping Girl. Despite the absence of Van Veeteren, it was a high quality thriller and it’s sad to think we’ve nearly reached the end of the series.

The four books I read for Crimepieces were

1. The Sentinel by Mark Oldfield

2. The Weeping Girl by Hakan Nesser

3. Bad Blood by Arne Dahl

4. The Black Life by Paul Johnston

For a summary of other crime fiction reviewers’ picks of the month, head over to Mysteries in Paradise. As usual, it makes interesting reading.

8 thoughts on “The Best of September’s Reading

  1. Nice list Sarah. As per usual your miles ahead of me on current stuff. Nesser and Dahl I’m still at the beginning, well actually I haven’t started. Johnston looks interesting too!


  2. Margot Kinberg

    Sarah – Thanks for this summing-up. I’m not surprised that The Weeping Girl is your choice for the month. I’m a Nesser fan so I’m biased. Still, he’s done a fine job of keeping this series really strong.


  3. Very interesting books on your list for September. Since I am just at the beginning of Nesser’s series, I have a lot to look forward to. I will also be interested in seeing whatever you post re your reading for the Petrona Award.


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