Review: World Noir: A Tribute to International Crime Fiction

Publisher Europa Editions has recently launched a new series featuring the best of international crime fiction. As a taster, World Noir,World noir is a collection of essays, interviews and short stories on the genre. The book is dedicated to the memory of Marseilles writer Jean-Claude Izzo and has, as you would expect a strong Mediterranean feel. But we are also promised taste of noir from around the world in the forthcoming series that includes writers from Australia, the US and Ireland.

World Noir is broadly split into two parts. The first is a set of essays, interviews and tributes. I haven’t read any of Jean-Claude Izzo’s works but I have one sitting on my shelf. And the best compliment that I can give this book is that I’m now dying to try the author. Essays from fellow crime writers such as Massimo Carlotto and Andrea Camilleri give a sense as to how influential Izzo has been on a generation of authors. Writers and readers seem to have fallen in love with the central protagonist of Izzo’s books, Fabio Montale. The essays do widen in scope of to include an assessment of Irish crime fiction by Gene Kerrigan and the influence of Michael Didbin.

The rest of the book is a taster of fiction from writers around the world including Benjamin Tamuz from Israel and our own Stav Sherez from Britain.  A Dark Redemption was the only book that I had read (I’m a fan) but a taster from the other authors has thrown up some future reading from me. I particularly liked the  passage from the quaintly name Summertime, All the Cats are Bored by French writer Philippe Georget.

I’d recommend this new series to anyone who is hoping to expand their knowledge of noir. This reader was very well produced –  for a paperback it has lovely thick pages and this is a foretaste of things to come from the series. The books that I’ve seen have been produced to a similarly high quality.

The digital edition of the free World Noir reader can be downloaded by following these links: epub (Nook), mobi (Kindle)or PDF

Many thanks to Europa Editions for sending me a copy of the reader.

17 thoughts on “Review: World Noir: A Tribute to International Crime Fiction

  1. Sounds very interesting. I like articles about crime fiction almost as much as reading crime fiction itself. I read the first Marseilles trilogy book, and it was a bit bleak and dark for me. But I am still considering reading more of the trilogy. I have purchased several other Europa editions. They are publishing very nice editions of crime novels.


  2. Sarah ~

    Sure am glad my comrade in crime over at NoirNation and plenty of shadowy crossroads left a determinable bread-crumb trail over to your site and this write. DEFINITELY going to delve into WORLD NOIR. (I’ve already begun the beguine of sleuthing some of the crime-instincts of YOU.

    ~ Absolutely*Kate, Author/Promoter
    Believing in Believers . . . and ever, the shadows of Noir


  3. I hope you’ll enjoy the Marseille trilogy by Izzo. It’s very dark but powerful (although I have never set foot in Marseille ever since…) Never heard of Philippe Georget but I’ll check it out.


  4. Daniela Europa Editions

    Thank you Sarah, for the lovely review! Philippe Georget is a brand new author, Summertime, All the Cats are Bored will be out in July. About the Marseilles Trilogy, Chourmo is my personal favourite… The reader is available as a free download, look out for the links Sarah is kindly posting.


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