The Best of May’s Reading

Before I write up details of the other events I attended at CrimeFest 2013, I’ve realised that I’m late posting my pick of the month for Chelmorton photoMay. When I cast my eye of the books I read in May, I can see that the vast majority were written by women which, although not deliberate, I’m pleased about. Three of the seven books were from Scandinavia, part of my reading for the 2014 Petrona Award. However, my pick of the month goes to an audio book. The Earth Hums in B Flat by Mari Strachan is beautifully written and the narration by Jenni Lea-Jones is a delight.

The seven books I read for crimepieces were:

1. Before I Burn by Gaute Heivoll

2. Thus Was Adonis Murdered by Sarah Caudwell

3. The Earth Hums in B Flat by Mari Strachan

4. In the Family by Christina James

5. Lifetime by Liza Marklund

6. The Hanging by Lotte and Soren Hammer

7. Cars and Girls: The Pankhearst FemNoir Sampler

Kerrie at Mysteries in Paradise is collating the pick of the month by other reviewers.

15 thoughts on “The Best of May’s Reading

  1. Margot Kinberg

    Sarah – You do have some nice reads there, including several that are on my TBR. I don’t wonder you chose The Earth Hums…. All reports are that it’s a very good read and I’m looking forward to it.


  2. Sarah, most of these are all unfamiliar to me as I’ve heard of only a couple and never read any!
    Marklund will be my one to look out for I think. Looking forward to your Crimefest posts.


  3. kathy d.

    Well, hands down, my favorite May book was Fred Vargas’ The Ghost Riders of Ordebec. I just loved that book, loaned it to a friend and she loved it, too. She told me yesterday she missed Adamsberg, and I agree but I miss Normandy, Adamsberg, Danglard, Retancourt, Mo, Zeck, the pigeon, Hellebaud, the crazy family, Leo and her dog.
    But this is difficult as I adored The Earth Hums in B Flat. And I just finished Trust Your Eyes, Linwood Barclay’s latest thriller. It is very well plotted, the dialogue is wonderful and so is the humor. I did all-nighters to race through that book. I agree with Kerrie Smith who gave it a 5 out of 5 rating.
    So I’m in a quandry. I still give Ordebec the top spot, but then Barclay’s and Strahan’s are close seconds.


  4. kathy d.

    And definitely add Linwood Barclay. A witty unputdownable thriller. Can’t be passed up. My friend read two pages and was hooked, to be followed by all-nighters and she has to go to work like most people.
    Now what to read? Choices. Nothing grabs me as yet.


  5. I’ve not read any of those, so I’ll have to check them out.

    I hope you enjoyed Crimefest. I couldn’t make it as I was at Hay Festival, but I will be at Harrogate in July.


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