The Best of September’s Reading

September was a busy month, with a move across Europe which left me with little time for reading. The books I did finish were mainly ones that I had been wanting to read for a while as I was looking for quality over quantity. As it turned out, it was a successful month with not a dud amongst them. As half the books were by new-to-me authors I now have the earlier novels of Deon Meyer, Max Kinnings, Nicola Upson and Christopher Brookmyre to catch-up with.

I also attended the History in the Court, an enjoyable event hosted by Goldsboro Books. As so often happens with these occasions I left with a mental list of new authors I want to try, including R N Morris and Robert Wilton.

My book of the month was in fact published last year to rave reviews and had been on my wish list for a while. Trackers by Deon Meyer is one of the best books that I’ve read this year and a thriller of the classic type. This engrossing read means that his next book Seven Days has been pushed right up my list and I’m hoping to read it in the next week or so.

The eight books that I read for crimepieces were:

1. Axe by Ed McBain

2. Trackers by Deon Meyer

3. Baptism by Max Kinnings

4. Two for Sorrow by Nicola Upson

5. Sail of Stone by Ake Edwardson

6. Falling Glass by Adrian McKinty

7. When the Devil Drives by Christopher Brookmyre

8. The Blind Goddess by Anne Holt

Kerrie from Mysteries in Paradise is hosting a monthly round-up of all the recommendations by crime fiction bloggers.

18 thoughts on “The Best of September’s Reading

  1. Like Jose ignacio, I am glad you chose Trackers, which I too thought excellent. I’ve only read two others on your list – The Blind Goddess and Sail of Stone, both of which I enjoyed but preferred The Blind Goddess to S of S. Good luck for October’s reading!


  2. I recently bought a pile of Ed McBains and I’m waiting to read some of them. Unfortunately, AXE isn’t among the lot. I have heard about TRACKERS by Deon Meyer though I haven’t read anything by the author. Thanks for the recommendation.


  3. Margot Kinberg

    Sarah – An excellent selection this time! I think Meyer is such a talented author and I must say I’m not really surprised you chose Trackers. It’s a top-notch novel. You’ve had a good reading month and I hope you will in October too.


  4. kathy d.

    I’ve only read one book here, Blind Goddess, which was excellent. I’ve read 13 Hours by Deon Meyer, which was an excellent unputdownable thriller. I will read more by him when I have caught up a bit.


  5. All of these, with the exception of McBain are authors I have not read. so I will follow up and read your reviews. Not that I need more new authors to read but I cannot resist. I have heard very good things about Meyer.


    1. Thanks Tracy. I would certainly recommend Deon Meyer. I have just finished his next book which is also good. Nice to find another crime blogger too. I’ve added your site to my feed and I will have a look at it properly later.


  6. I read Trackers earlier this year and enjoyed it. I’ve not got his latest, but have his back catalogue to catch up on.
    Have tried Mike Nicol – another SA author, I’ve just finished Payback which was equally as good.
    You seem to have good taste – I’ve got McKinty, McBain, Brookmyre and Kinnings figuring on mount TBR though not these particular titles. Not read McKinty since 50 Grand. Cheers, Col


    1. Thanks for dropping by. Anyone who praises my taste is always welcome! I haven’t tried Mike Nicol, in fact I’ve not heard of him but I will look him up. I know what you mean about the TBR mountain but there is a lot of good stuff out there.


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