The Best of July’s Reading

July was a mixed month for me. I did a lot of travelling which usually means I read less rather than more and my reading is often fractured. It therefore takes a good story to keep my attention when I’ve had to put the book down for a day or so. Part of my travelling did involve the Crime Writing Festival at Harrogate. It was the first time in three years that I’d attended the event so it was lovely to see so many familiar faces, and also to meet some new authors, reviewers and bloggers.

Six out of the nine books that I read in July were by authors who were new to me and I’m choosing one of these as my book of the month. Icelight by Aly Monroe was a marvellously detailed evocation of the post-war period seeped in espionage and paranoia. It was, in my opinion, a worthy winner of the 2012 CWA Ellis Peters Historical Dagger.

The nine book that I read for crimepieces were:

1. Green for Danger by Christianna Brand

2. The Suspect by L R Wright

3. Icelight by Aly Munroe

4. The Expats by Chris Pavone

5. The Prisoner of Heaven by Carlos Ruiz Zafón

6. Drawn in Blood by N P Statham

7. Night Rounds by Helene Tursten

8. The Laughing Policeman by Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö

9.  Pierced by Thomas Enger

As usual, Kerrie from  Mysteries in Paradise is collating the pick of the month’s reads.

7 thoughts on “The Best of July’s Reading

  1. I haven’t read Icelight but by all accounts it is a worthy winner. I’ve read four on your list, all of which I’ve enjoyed – and am thinking about one or two others.


  2. Margot Kinberg

    Sarah – Thanks for this summing-up. You’ve read some good ‘uns this month. I admit I’ve not yet read Icelight, ‘though I intend to read it. I’m glad you reminded me that i need to do that!


  3. kathy d.

    I’ve read two of these, and contemplating reading a few others. I am impressed by your review of Icelight and the one at Crime Scraps. I will put it on my TBR wish list. Oh, I’ll never get to all these TBR books unless I live to be 100, but then there will be thousands more to read!


  4. kathy d.

    Thanks, Sarah, but I’m thinking that I’ll get to read Icelight in 2040. My TBR mountain is about to cause an avalanche. Really. Telling a friend that in this heat, I wanted to read books set in winter with snow and ice lead to her bringing four books set in Canada over here. The library has reserves I didn’t bother getting and I’m now in 1952 South Africa with Malla Nunn’s Emmanuel Cooper, and have books set in so many countries my head is spinning — although I love virtual vacations: No passports needed, few costs, no lines, no hassles.
    If I ever get to Icelight perhaps I’ll come back here and make a comment.

    I don’t post on Goodreads, but on several wonderful websites, such as this one. I covet my reading time and my blogging time, but I can’t do more.


    1. I haven’t read any Malla Nunn but have heard a lot about the books. I know what you mean about a TBR pile. Thanks for your lovely words about this blog. It’s been lovely to meet new readers from around the world.


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