The Best of May’s Reading

May was the month of CrimeFest and thanks again to the organisers who worked so hard to provide such an interesting and informative event. It was great to see old faces, meet some of the people I only know through twitter and make new friends in the crime fiction community.

May was a mixed month for reading and my standout read was Anya Lipska’s Where the Devil Can’t Go. Set in London’s Polish migrant community it was a refreshing read from a debut author. Available, for now, only on kindle let’s hope that Anya gets published in print soon as I can think of at least two people I’d like to give a copy of this to.

The eight books I read in May for crimepieces were:

1. The Istanbul Puzzle by Laurence O’Bryan

2.  Track of the Cat by Nevada Barr

3. Do No Harm by Carol Topolski

4. The Murder Wall by Mari Hannah

5. Track of the Cat by Mary Stewart

6. Wildfire at Midnight by Mary Stewart

7. Where the Devil Can’t Go by Anya Lipska

8. Burned by Thomas Enger

As usual, Kerrie over at Mysteries in Paradise is compiling a list of Book of the Month selections.

8 thoughts on “The Best of May’s Reading

  1. I’m looking forward to reading the Lipksa book when my house-moving is all finished as I’m hearing only good things. I haven’t had time to think about my May reads yet but it hasn’t been the best month for great reads. Oh well.


  2. Margot Kinberg

    Sarah – Oh, I want to read that Lipska book too. I’m glad you found it your standout read as I’ve read a lot of positive things about it. I’m also glad you enjoyed Track of the Cat. I like the Anna Pigeon series quite a lot 🙂


  3. I’m so glad you chose this one as your May read, Sarah, as I was hoping I was not alone in thinking it a startling debut. Why on earth she isn’t published… me, too. I haven’t read many on your list but I very much liked Burned – perhaps not so good as a crime plot compared with Where The Devil Can’t Go, but very good, and distinctive, in other ways.


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